Mankind’s Skin Care and Grooming Products continue to help improve our lifestyles in surprising ways. A Metro lifestyle is now known to be a healthier and smarter lifestyle. Mens grooming and cosmetic products combined with a healthy lifestyle mproved the quality of our lives. There are mens skin and grooming products assuring us that wrinkles, facial sagging and the ageing process can be kept at bay, minimized, or even reversed nowadays. Science fiction formulas, including biochemical ingredients such as, copper peptides and nanotechnology are having an impact on mens anti- ageing. Rumours leaked from a Swiss company claim that theyre working on mens products which incorporate stem cell research that will help us fight the never ending ‘anti-ageing war.’ …Bring it on we say! What could be next for Mens skin care and cosmetic products? If you want to gaze into the ‘cosmetic crystal ball’ to see what the future holds for us, look at the latest products for women. These products are often reliable indicators on the future of mens cosmetic products. The majority of mens skin and grooming products are close cousins of women’s beauty products. Womens products are often modified- re packaged into Mens skin care products. This means there’s a high chance of seeing the latest ingredients in women’s skin care products in added onto mens cosmetics in the near future. Whether you’re living the metro lifestyle or not, all men need to look after their skin. Its always been imperative to choose good quality skin care products that deliver results. Quality skin care products created from years of research contain powerful ingredients with formulas which will help restore skins lost vitality. WHAT WONDERFUL FIGURES WE HAVE... Mankinds spending on personal grooming products has risen from $29.3 billion in 2007 to over $32 billion in 2016. Throughout these years, sales in mens grooming products have sky rocketed in worldwide sales. Judging by those figures this industry seems like a business to be involved in, as it grows stronger by the day. Long gone are the days when a rusty blade, a gritty bar of soap and Slap was our daily grooming. ‘ Metros bathrooms in the future will need to be re-designed as men and women battle for cosmetic space and time..’ A Metro lifestyle can still seem uncomfortable for some because it may be unfamiliar territory. There’s still ignorance about the metro lifestyle and its benefits, so men sometimes dismiss many positive results. This mentality was the same when men began using moisturisers over ten years ago, but its now estimated that more than half of men use some kind of moisturiser plus other skin care and grooming products. Mens Care Mens Life Style predicts that within a decade ‘Mens Skin Enhancing cosmetics’ will be a regular part of our grooming.. Women have been rambling on about female inequality since they kicked us out the cave, and men witnessed how easy its has been for women to look one hundred times more attractive by applying make up! Not fair is it? We didn’t moan that we couldn’t transform ourselves within a couple of minutes and have the ability to stop traffic and seduce the opposite sex under a mask! but are we gonna be wearing make up one day? In a much subtler way, our time will come. ‘mens make up’, aka...‘skin enhancing cosmetics’ are a fast growing niche. It doesn’t mean we’ll be wearing make up, like bright lipstick any time soon, but more along the lines of products like concealers, skin brightening and blemish masking cosmetics. Products designed for mens problematic oily skin such as Peter Thomas Roth Max- Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel 28g eliminate the familiar shiny, sweaty and oily appearance. These cosmetic products are just a glimpse of what will be common mens skin cosmetic and grooming products in the near future. Yes, the future is looking polished and handsome indeed... Men taking care of their appearance and using skin care products are living a better lifestyle. By using quality skin care, plus a variety of grooming products, he shows insight by creating a healthy balance. This is a step further in our evolutionary process which has been long overdue. You’re not only looking after your appearance, but your psychological and physiological health. This creates a longer and brighter future for yourself.. After must keep evolving...
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