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Damage from the Suns Uva accelerates our skins ageing if sun protection products aren’t used. If you’re unsure about the dangers from the Ultra violet rays shining over your head... now’s the time to get sun smart... Its well known that the suns ultra violet rays have been ruining humanities looks and health throughout history. However this is surprisingly and dangerously overlooked by millions who enjoy basking beneath the suns rays. Skin Cancer from sun damage is on the rise and those who don’t use sun protection, or sun bathe without caution will face a deterioration in their looks and health quicker than previously thought. Mankind has known about Skin damage by the suns ultra violet rays for a few centuries. Doctors and scientists began researching a disease that was killing people who had been over exposed to sunlight for long periods so they could give detailed medical explanations as to why many, especially fair skinned people who lived in hot countries were dropping like flies that buzzed around their heads, and why those who remained alive looked about 30 years older than their age due to the way sun damage accelerates the skins natural ageing process. This groundwork helped us discover skin cancer from over exposure of the suns Ultra Violet rays. ‘Although sunny days are beautiful, over exposure to sunlight is the fastest way to naturally ruin your skin.....which can sneak up on you years later and cause skin cancer’... The truth is that if you want to keep looking young and supple for many years to come, over exposure to the suns ultra violet rays is the fastest way to deteriorate the skins natural ageing process. Though there’s now more public awareness, skin cancer by sun damage is still on the rise. The irony is that having a golden tan looks, feels and seems like a healthy idea at the time, but its far from that. After all, who doesn’t want that glowing, healthy look all year round? Keep reading and we’ll show you smarter and safer options to achieve a healthy glow all year round without ruining your good looks and more importantly.... your life... ‘The irony is that having that golden tan looks, feels and seems like a healthy idea at the time’ So how does sun damage accelerate the skins ageing process? The problem, and Huge problem is that ultra violet rays (Uva and Uvb) destroy collagen, a natural substance that lives in the middle layer (dermis) of our skin. Collagen is a fibrous protein network of cells that keeps skin supple throughout our youth. Though our natural ageing process reduces collagen density, it should still be present in healthy amounts throughout our later years. Collagen is what makes our skin firm when we’re young because its the ‘springy’ substance within skin. Loss of collagen causes skin to become thinner and develop wrinkles which makes us look older than our biological age. Unfortunately collagen never regrows to its natural state, so if you let the suns ultra violet rays destroy it, then the collagen that you have under your skin today will be gone forever. Combine sun damage and cigarette smoking, plus an unhealthy diet, a stressful lifestyle and you’re well on your way to wearing a leather jacket permanently on your face, or looking like 50 when you’re 30. Not good! Read on to see which sun protection lotions and protection methods are currently available to save your skins’ ageing process from accelerating too quickly... ‘I don’t care how I look…..I’ll keep bathing in ‘glorious and harmful ultra violet rays’...…. Well, even if you don’t care that you’ll look like a dried out prune before your time, the effect of Sun damage can be deadly. Residents of places such as Australia, New Zealand and the US, to name just a few have been ravaged by skin cancer from over Sun exposure throughout the last few centuries. White and powerless... As fair skinned Northern Europeans established colonies and inhabited the hotter continents hundreds of years ago they were cursed with skin cancer because their skin didnt get a chance to evolve and cope with harsh sun exposure. There was no knowledge of skin cancer, and no adequate sun protection. This form of cancer still affects residents of the hotter countries if they over expose themselves to ultra violet rays without wearing sun protection. SCARY BURNING FACTS: Its not only residents of hot countries who are afflicted by skin cancer from sun light damage. Northern Europeans have also been hopping aboard the skin cancer band wagon when they started hopping aboard aeroplanes and headed to warmer regions for their holidays in their masses. Every year millions of travellers that live in colder regions of the world head towards sunnier shores where they carelessly bathe in sunshine all day long trying to make up for the rest of the year where they wont see much sunshine. Skin cancer from sun damage now contributes to over one million cases diagnosed every year. Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer from sun damage will account for about 60,000 cases of diagnosed skin cancer each year. The problem is that there are thousands of people who are unaware they have melanoma until its too late... Don’t Drink and Bathe.... One of the deadliest problems travellers can be tempted to create is the lethal cocktail made by mixing alcohol and sunshine which make people fall asleep on sunny beaches or by the poolside. People in holiday spirit don’t generally want to think about things like skin cancer from sun damage. This carefree attitude is what gets people into serious trouble further down the time line. Skin cancer in Europe has quadrupled over the past 30 years due to cheap holiday packages now enjoyed by millions. Even being exposed to the suns ultra violet rays for under 30 minutes at certain times of the day in regions of the world can lead to skin cancer in years to come, especially if you’re fair skinned or prone to burning easily whilst sun bathing. If sun protection isnt used then the suns ultra violet rays accelerate the skins ageing process, and at worst skin damage can cut lives short. Skin cancer can take years to detect and quite often its too late..... If you have fair skin and live or visit the hot countries, its vitally important to keep checking your skin for irregularities. Click on the help box for more information on skin cancer awareness and prevention.
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