Binge drinking has created an almost evil alcohol abuse problem within cultures already troubled by existing alcohol related problems. Binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse and the problem is getting so severe thats its becoming an epidemic. Drinking problems have been around since man started making a bigger fool of himself by saying and doing things he regrets. Now new research into men, and women’s dangerous binge drinking and the effects of alcohol abuse are giving early warning signs of the dire consequences to come from binge drinking and abusing alcohol more than ever before..even by enjoying one or two many nights on the booze. An extra- ordinary offer..just for you!. Todays first 10 lucky readers shall be offered a free dose of poison to ingest, which can be purchased in any city. Twenty minutes after ingesting this poison youll be set free to venture your streets. Youll interact with the world from an unstable and dangerous frame of mind and the following hours will be treacherous and out of your concious control. You wont remember much except painful and sharp embarrassing moments that will strike you frequently as you’re sobering up, when youll remember things you think you did, and struggle to forget things you think you may have done! This is usually accompanied by vomiting, severe dehydration and the feeling of death on two legs. As an added bonus, you’ll also feel like absolute crap for the next 24/48 hours, plus a feeling of forbidding doom and gloom, similar to symptoms of mental depression as heavy fatigue and hatred consumes your waking hours. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!.... Call now and get a free dose of brain damage, plus the opportunity of fighting strangers; friends, or loved ones. For a limited time we’ll throw in a ‘go to jail free card’ at the tax payers expenses! If lucky you’ll win a lifetime membership which includes dependency and incurable misery! Interested? I thought not, and as you already know, the above sums up the dangerous- negative experiences which occur when binge drinking. What’s amazing is that though we’re aware of the risks, we still manage to do it all over again, without being aware of the real damage alcohol has on our mind and bodies! ‘Alcohol used to be a social appetizer....its now turned into a menacing threat against society..’ BUT BOYS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!.... ...yes we do..and so we should. However, there’s something about men that make us drink bigger quantities of alcohol faster and more often than our female counterparts. Perhaps we’re less fearful of drinking dangers, or we think we can handle it. Maybe we just don’t give a damn if we look like packs of drunken animals hunting hi and low through the streets or bars and clubs. Whichever way you look at it, alcohol abuse is an easy way to get yourself into trouble, ruin self esteem; friendships, relationships, or worse your, or someone else’s life. The reality is that alcohol related problems are still underestimated by the general drinking population. Alcohol is so dangerous because its legal in most countries. Anyone over the age of 18, or 21 have legal, unlimited access to it when they’re not supervised. Younger people also tend to believe binge drinking is a sign of maturity and bravado. The truth is completely the opposite. Education within societies are limited when it comes to alcohol abuse. Many drinkers put themselves at a distance from warnings about the effects of alcohol abuse. No one likes admitting having any alcohol related problems, so the attitude is..‘its them, not me’. Scary Facts Excessive alcohol consumption mixes up our brain signals, which make people behave in unpredictable, aggressive and erratic ways, especially when binge drinking. Alcohol is typically found in the blood of most criminal offenders. About half of all murders and serious assaults, as well as a high percentage of sex-related crimes, robberies, and incidents of domestic violence are linked to alcohol abuse..’ The forgetful effects of alcohol abuse: Scientists predict the number of brain damage victims will increase significantly over the next couple of decades because of the huge increase in binge drinkers and the growing number of people who repeatedly abuse alcohol. Alcohol related hospital emergencies account for a staggering one Fifth of admissions in people under the age of 50 during the weekends..’ So what effect does alcohol abuse have throughout the world? The facts and figures that creep up from the destruction created by binge drinking and the effects of alcohol abuse are incalculable. So much pain and misery is attributed by heavy drinkers throughout the world and society ends up bearing the burden of alcohol abuse and its related problems.
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