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Alcohol abuse problems shall remain big problems until a replacement for alcohol is found. When people dont drink in moderation theres a great chance of deadly diseases catching up with the drinker. People with an alcohol abuse problem are likely to succumb to a myriad of diseases ranging from pancreatic failure, to severe psychosis which can strike at a relatively young age. This creates havoc within families, work and relationships, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg… Serious alcohol abuse problems are liable to induce liver damage, which leads to cirrhosis, which if not treated can turn into liver cancer. Bowel; breast, throat, mouth, larynx and oesophagus cancer, osteoporosis plus a reduction in fertility in men and women are also greatly increased. Its not hard to see why drinking in moderation is a way to avoid deadly diseases. When men, or women fail to drink in moderation; it can have the potential to strain the brain and organs. Millions of nerve endings connected to brain cells are destroyed or permanently altered after a heavy drinking session and Brain damage from alcohol abuse creates long and short term memory loss. Your liver and kidneys will also want to pack up and leave along with your memories. ‘Alcohol related deaths have Doubled since 1991...’ ‘’Where does the mind go?’’... An invisible danger linked with alcohol abuse is a dangerous chain reaction which occurs. The more alcohol consumed, the more drinkers are likely to continue drinking without becoming aware they’re consuming, which is the start of all sorts of problems. Alcohol intoxication has been synonymous with getting into trouble with the the law as people are drunk and disorderly and endangering others and public property. Relationships are also ruined over something that people cant even remember! Maybe that’s the reason why we don’t remember the big nights! But guess what? ...people do it all over again, and again, then keep forgetting the dangers! OK, we’re not here to tell you to stop having fun, or to stop drinking socially, but we want to point out important rules if you want to enjoy the occasional drinking session, or at the least make it less painful for yourself and those closest to you. STAY OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD Drink in Moderation. You keep hearing it, but its important to be reminded: drink in moderation if you want to stay safe, and sane! Drinking in moderation and practising responsible drinking means pacing yourself. Drinking one standard drink per hour allows your body to metabolize that drink. Its also important not to drink on an empty stomach. If you eat a meal before you start drinking, the food in your stomach will absorb some of the alcohol before it hits your bloodstream and this will let your body adjust to the shock of sudden alcohol consumption. Drinking in moderation doesn’t mean you wont feel merry or wont enjoy drinking socially, it just means you wont be so physically damaged, or mentally altered by the effects of alcohol. This means you’ll be less likely to have a dangerous black out, which by the way is a sign of brain damage and a sign you’re heading towards, or could already have an alcohol abuse problem. Fact: If you suffer ‘blackouts’ during a bout of heavy drinking, its a strong signal that you’ve suffered mild, or severe brain damage...
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Drinking in Moderation