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 Metro sexual lifestyle remains positively ahead of the average mans lifestyle.... Metro sexual lifestyles remain ahead of time and there’s proof it helps men achieve a better standard of living.                                                                                                                   Metrosexuality originates from a time when mankind started looking at his life in a healthier perspective, then made a positive change to it..     The word Metro sexuality sets off some mixed images in peoples minds; varying from the narrow minded belief that metros are Gay men or sissies. However with some insightful views and understanding, the truth is that he’s health concious, positive thinking and well balanced.     Metro sexual, or the term ‘Metro’ has gained a steady momentum over the last couple of decades and his lifestyle keeps spreading further out in the globe inhabited by mankind. There’s still a large number of people that believe Metro sexuality simply represents men’s shallow vanity. The fact is that a metro sexual lifestyle goes way beyond that. The metro standard of living isn’t just about men grooming themselves for the sake of vanity. Growing numbers of men are concerned about looking after their health and looks more than the male population throughout history ever has. This is an overseen and positive by- product from a metro sexual lifestyle. Metros are healthier, feel better, look better, and live a longer and better quality of life... After all, man must keep evolving... Men in their droves are ‘coming out the bathroom’... tweezers and moisturiser in hand; as they declare their Metrosexuality to the world....(from beneath a face pack)’.. Some Men see what others cant... Parts of the world  have embraced the Metro sexual Lifestyle with open arms and minds for a  couple of decades, however men from other parts of the world still oversee, or choose to ignore the health benefits associated with this lifestyle. It seems some men still have a bit of catching up to do with the worlds’ Metro population. Sooner or later men all over the world will find out what it means to live a richer, better lifestyle.... Metro sexuality has explored beyond planet earth?! . ...Metros have indeed reached beyond earth and are boldly going in search of new frontiers... Astronauts who ventured to the moon or other frontiers of space have been light years ahead of the Metro lifestyle. As far back as the late 1950s’, NASAs’ training program specified that astronauts should would be briefed in grooming skills. This wasn’t only because Astronauts are heroes in the limelight, but they also needed to pay extra attention to skin care, as their skin in a space capsule needs extra hydration as it dries much faster than on earth. Lotions and potions are a must on every space trip. An astronaut in space looses on average 3 grams of skin per day – double the amount of skin lost on Earth. Today’s Space crews are provided with small Hygiene Kits for their space missions. These ‘Space kits’ contain everything astronauts need to keep themselves groomed.
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