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Motivational tips are often offered, and often ignored. However motivation is easier to follow and stick to with a few simple rules. Many ‘start ups’ fail because finding the motivation seems to be the hardest part. For those who have overcome this mental obstacle, the satisfying part of having initially found motivation is the result of the countless positive outcomes you create from your efforts… If you can kick start by visualizing the final results, things will be easier for your mental and physical health….Read on for motivational tips…how to get started, stick to it.. and stay motivated! Nothing But Bull S**T Excuses..!! Most people who find difficulty in getting the motivation to make a positive lifestyle change often make all kinds of excuses. Those with busy lifestyles conjure up feeble excuses like “there’s no time”, or I dont have enough energy. Whether aiming for weight loss, strength training or the motivation to make lifestyle changes, finding motivation can be the hardest part of the journey. The irony that most people fail to see is that when you’ve started, your energy levels will increase. This makes reaching goals easier and then give you increased feelings of motivation. MOTIVATION BEGINS WITH ‘SELF SABOTAGE ELIMINATION’... Its important to mentally shut down any negative self talk or excuses you could be telling yourself as why you cant find motivation to exercise on the days you cant be bothered thinking about exercise. The trick is to eliminate negative self talk and refuse to listen to the voices of negativity that keeps you stuck on the same couch or bed. The only exercise you’ll get on those days will be kicking yourself because once again you believed your own rubbish! ... One of the most common mistakes made once you’ve found motivation is trying to gain instant results due to your frustration from lazy attempts. Make sure if you’re starting to train you don’t push yourself too hard. Take it easy at first, then scale the weight gradually over time. Dont let it feel too unnatural from the start. Whatever you do, don’t dive in as if you’re Superman by over exerting yourself. Your muscles haven’t had time to adjust. Any professional athlete, or body builder will forever tell you that to get to peak condition, its gonna be a slow, steady, but persistent start. Don’t expect to leap out of bed the next morning with Superhero powers! Youll most likely end up with discomfort or an injury and there’s a high chance you’re going to end up looking like ‘grandpa’ with a sore back, sprained muscles and angry face, as you crawl out of bed and limp around for the next day or two. Science has also proven that your mind will try to sub consciously whisper that you shouldn’t return to that discomfort again. Its a psychological defence mechanism and one of the oldest tricks your mind plays on you to keep you from harm… Everyone but me…. looks Great in the Gym….. Don’t worry about those beefed up guys in the Gym look like to you! They really don’t care! They didn’t walk into a gym looking the way they do now. MOTIVATION...POWERFUL BENEFITS YOUR WAY.. Once you’ve found motivation you’ll enjoy the benefits as you start feeling great when your brains’ natural endorphins, plus a carousel of other natural ‘feel good’ chemicals flood your brain and body!. Its common for people to get hooked on the natural high from exercise. This is what will encourage you to keep at it..its a win- win!! One day after exercising you should also be feeling ‘good pains’ as your muscles begin a repair process after they’ve been torn on a microscopic level, then begin rebuilding muscle cells on top of your muscle tissues and so become larger and stronger. A diet of good quality proteins and timing will create quicker results. The pain is normal and normally subside within one or two days as your muscles recover and build again. If you’re still feeling sore after more than a couple of days, then you either didn’t use the correct technique, or over exerted yourself from impatience! Being smart and consistent while exercising will not only make you look and feel better, quicker, it will undoubtedly improve self esteem and you’ll begin to see a better you standing infront of the mirror. These positive results give people the motivation to keep on moving! Its a win,win situation!. MOTIVATED YOUNG AND OLD MINDS.... Its a well known scientific fact that when people age, from the 30 onwards, brain tissue and muscle tissue begins shrinking. Research has shown that the fitter your body, the less shrinkage there is in areas that control memory and other vital areas of the Brain. This is why exercise is not only great for your body, but also essential for brain- health! As you increase exercise intensity over time, your mind will keep improving, push more boundaries and build stamina, which helps to steer you towards bigger and better goals. Try hard to visualize positive results that can be achieved from motivation. This will help create a better you in the short, and the long term...
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