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Credit card problems can quickly become a serious debt the loan, interest, fees and the finance companies’ greedy fines begin to spiral out of control. When credit card debts are left ignored or begin to accumulate, the debt continues to dig faster and gets the victim deeper down a long, dark rabbit hole of which many people cannot find their way out.    Misleading non-transparent credit card contracts and loan offers can come with contracts which lead to serious problems which have been created by financial institutions or Banks after giving a false sense of illusion that financial freedom is here to stay. We offer straight forward advice, tips and rules on how to stop yourself from being tempted by credit card and loan offers, how to avoid scams, plus some ways to quickly pay off credit card debts, which gets rid of debt problems.    ‘Credit card problems aren’t problems for Banks and loan companies which generate Billions in profits per year’ Ever wonder who your savings ran off with? Was it with the girlfriend you spent too much money on? Was it on mountains of unnecessary items accumulated over your years, that were neglected or never used twice? Or was it on credit card repayments that came with hidden fees, over inflated fines and high interest? Millions of consumers throughout the world are feeling increasingly betrayed by banking and debt systems taking their hard earned money. For most unsuspecting consumers, credit card problems become too clear when its become difficult and then too late to get quickly solve an increasing debt. Credit card offers are appearing everywhere. Online credit approval is becoming a common way of trapping people into debt. Financial institutions have, and continue to deceived people by cloaking real facts and figures beneath hard to understand contracts.     A mountain of credit card debt to climb... A few years ago the United States Census Bureau examined credit card debts/ figures and determined that nearly 1.5 billion credit cards were in circulation in the US. alone and almost 80 percent of US. households owned credit cards. This has increased by 25 percent over the past 10 years, reaching over $963 billion in spending by January 2009, according to figures released by the White House. If you were to stack 1.5 billion credit cards on top of each other, they would reach more than 70 miles up into space and be as tall as 13 Mount Everests’! Needless to say, with such huge numbers comes huge amounts of misery. The truth is that more and more people are finding it as difficult to climb out of debt as they would to try and climb up one mount Everest. Credit card offers come in all shapes and financial sizes and every day millions of credit card transactions are processed over the internet or in shops. For most people, owning a credit card is easy and convenient, which is why people own them like a pack of cards as they purchase goods, or pay bills.         Its easy to get on-line credit card approval, so credit card problems are easy to get tangled within. In some countries getting on-line approval only requires the person who applies to be over 18 yrs. old, be working, even at a part time job, and then pretend that they’ll pay their debt off without problems....all that’s left to do is slip into bed with the Debt Demon!     STARE INTO MY GLOSSY PLASTIC EYES..      Its hard to escape credit card offers. There is a myriad of credit card companies advertising on the web, in magazines, brochures, TV and just about anything that contains social media. Credit card companies and banks also to take advantage of cash starved students who are inexperienced in real life finance and crave for a semi -materialistic life once they’ve left home. This becomes their first taste of debt problems. Financiers pay vast sums of money to create advertising that gives the illusion that debt seems to be harmless. Ad campaigns are glossy, tempting and give a delusion as if debt is ‘here today... gone tomorrow’!  There’s no mention of the statistics, or the major credit card problems that occur worldwide. Why don’t governments force banks and financial institutions to put warning labels on credit cards?.... just like they do on cigarette packs? Read on for advice on how to resist credit card offers or how to get rid of debt quicker than you thought.  
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