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 M ens anti ageing products have helped us slow down natures cruel way of trying to look us older than our before we’d prefer. The over saturation on TV, social medial and glossy magazines seem to have swayed our desire to try and stay eternally youthful.  Unfortunately, for now eternal youth and longevity is in the distant future, unless you’re the only human thats been granted immortal life, unlike the 109 billion people who’ve inhabited the earth before you. Mens’ insatiable desire to slow down the ageing process keeps intensifying and so we continue creating ground breaking cosmetics and treatments. Mans’ battle against natures, mean and ugly ageing keep striving for solutions to slow it the F#$K down!  Only certain species of whales, elephants and reptiles live longer than us. We don’t know the deeper reasons as to why we age then die off, but we’ve figured out the process of ageing. With this knowledge we’re arming ourselves with anti-ageing weapons that help slow down the ageing process. New cosmetics and anti-ageing products engineered by research scientists are giving us promising glimpses into the way we may be able to stop, and reverse our fading looks without turning to cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately our natural ageing process is as inescapable as gravity, so for now let’s stick to reality and look at promising new ways to help us slow down the ageing process.
 Mrs. Calment will become the average soon…                 The human population is living longer as time goes by. It’s estimated that within one 70 years the average life expectancy will be a ripe 130 years old. That’s the average age, so some could be living to over 150! Those figures of longevity aren’t so far fetched when you understand how life expectancy has increased from the age of 42 in 1900 to 78 in 2018. Though 120 years old seems prehistoric to most, its still two years younger than the oldest human to have lived. Her name was Jeanne Calment, a French woman who lived to be a whopping 122 years and died in 1997. Seems like Mrs Calment knew something about slowing down the ageing process that we don’t, or like often, had the longevity Genes.. Natural ageing keep us talking too much..   If we begin defying the natural ageing process by living to over 120 years we’ll have lots of stories to tell. Combine this with having to put up with and have to buy birthday, Christmas gifts grand kids, great grand kids, great great grand kids.. the list could go on and on! You’d be exhausted by mid year and broke by Christmas! Oh, and If you manage to screw your kids up, your Family will pay the price all the way down the family tree! What if you suffer permanent injury or chronic illness? Or worse, you’re a pain in the ass?...then everyone around you has to put up with you for eternity! Humans keep desperately attempting to Reclaim a lost Youth...     Regardless of obstacles that arise from slowing down the ageing process, the world has a stronger than ever desire to bring a halt to ageing and a burning  desire to keep looking and feeling young. This keeps the anti ageing industry booming as life continues to expand. Baby Boomers are now fast approaching retirement!
Mens anti-ageing products are the fastest growing niche within the cosmetic industry.    Anti-ageing products have the biggest stake in the cosmetic industry. Mens anti-ageing products are the fastest growing niche in the anti-ageing industry boom. Currently each year, young and old spend over $50 billion on anti-ageing products.  It is estimated that the Global Anti-Ageing market will be $291.9 Billion by 2020 according to a new Report by Global Industry Analysts. This shows how serious mens anti-ageing products are, and how the war on ageing is in full throttle. Why and How do we End up Looking like old People Anyway?…..    Mans ageing process naturally and cruelly erodes our looks, minds and bodies via thousands of chemical, biological and physical reactions. The most visible effect is on our skin which starts to lose elasticity when the natural reduction of collagen and elastin causes skin to wrinkle. Sun damage/over exposure to UV is also responsible for ageing the skin. As we age, cell regeneration slows down the skin cell components, such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Fluid also starts building up in areas of the body, such as the lower and upper eye lids. This happens when lymph vessels become less efficient and don’t drain fluid so well, so give us that permanent tired look. Hair becomes finer in texture (on 80% of men hair will eventually get lost somewhere along that journey). Years of free radical damage created by a careless diet and pollution are also responsible for ageing every cell in our body. Slower metabolism also increases fat gain, and our changing hormonal levels contribute to our appearance and health. If you lead a stressful life, you’re likely to age faster than and may not make it through to old age.
 ‘It seems that the hair on a mans’ head disappears...then re-  appears on  obscure parts of his body..’    As mans natural ageing process creeps on, loss of muscle and bone density, plus the overall slow down of bodily reflexes and functions is normal. It’s part of the natural ageing process which most of us don’t want to think about.  Sun damage; stress, smoking and a bad diet plus many toxic agents within society is what accelerates our natural ageing process faster than you would ever nightmare about.
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