Links to Mens Lifestyle and grooming Products Mankind Mankind UK. is a specialist in quality grooming and male skin care products. Grooming lounge Whether a man is looking for a new shaving regime, hair products, skincare solutions or ways to deal with an embarrassing problem, Grooming Lounge can be very helpful. The Gentleman’s Shop A UK based store with a huge range of mens’ products. Xtend life For more than nine years Xtend-Life has been one of the most innovative and quality conscious supplement manufacturers in the world. They are technologically advanced, safer and effective than mass marketing brand names. Highly recommended. Anti Ageing Self The internet Super site for Self Improvement and Personal Growth. is part of a network of websites with large amounts of information on the latest anti ageing news, plus advice on inner and external health and growth. World Health The leading internet portal on anti ageing and modern preventative health. Credit Card/ Debt Problems Help with my credit A website providing information and resources to assist and educate people struggling to make credit card/ debt repayments. Sound advice and help. Barefoot investor Financial guidance at a glance. Scott Pape is an Australian syndicated columnist, best-selling author, radio host, television presenter and licensed financial advisor. He also runs an interesting website with good doses of humour thrown in. Recommended books: Barefoot investor by Scott Pape. The Barefoot Investor is about creating the financial freedom to live your dreams, whatever your age. It shows how getting your financial act together can be downright sexy, allowing you to achieve the things that mean the most to you- regardless of your income. R U pissed an amusing and informative website related to drinks and drinkers alike, with loads of links to other alcohol related sites. Tons of information available in this entertaining and light-hearted side to alcohol! Rethink Drinking This official website offers valuable, research-based information on drinking problems and habits. Great information and a good read for everyone. Sun Damage /Sun Care Sun Smart Sun Smart in an informative and educative website warning us on the dangers of sun damage and skin cancer. Packed full of statistics, preventative methods and great advice on how to stay safe when in the sun!
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Mens Care Mens Lifestyles Links we hope you’ll find useful. All links are related to articles within Mens care Mens Lifestyle. Some of the links include products and brands plus useful websites for gathering further information. At the bottom of this page there’s a link exchange section. Thanks in advance....