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Mens old age Battle against

Ageing…Mens anti-ageing treatments and anti ageing supplements are

some of the weapons helping us fight against the ageing process. Healthy diets,

regular exercise, a myriad of anti-ageing supplements, plus added cosmetic tools such

as laser skin rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery and a vast array of anti ageing creams

keep the list growing.

Theres also more drastic and expensive means to hold onto youth, such as human growth hormone injections and anti-ageing cosmetic surgery. One of the latest buzz words is ‘Stem cells’ and ‘Bio engineering’.These are tipped to soon arm us with formidable heavy weapons and scientific tools that will help us in the battle of mans Ageing process. We refuse to grow Old…. A growing number of middle age men are suffering from ‘age depression’. Age depression occurs when we aren’t able to handgle growing older. Successful ageing on the other hand is an ability to slow down signs of old age in minds and bodies. This begins by being in a correct frame of mind. Choosing a smart and healthy lifestyle will keep you feeling younger for longer and is a step towards successful ageing. Read on as we uncover some mens anti ageing treatments available that will keep us on our toes as we take a shot at the ‘Successful Ageing title’. Successful Ageing begins by getting your head in the right Gear. One of the reasons mankind has such a strong desire for consuming the mountains of anti- ageing pills, anti ageing treatments, and unlimited but very varied information on the web and TV. is due to the way the ageing process alters the way look. This is the main trigger for ‘age depression.’ Age depression, often fueled by peoples own reflection as years go by, combined with the daily hundrum of working almost everyday day. The media hasn’t helped as it seems to put older people on the back burner. It’s no wonder age depression is on the increase and people are feeling more apprehension about growing older. ANTI- AGING COSMETIC SURGERY.. Anti-ageing cosmetic surgery is an aggressive and expensive rejuvenation procedure which can get you just about anything altered on face or body if you have the means. Anti ageing Cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving and results are looking more natural by the year. HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE.... Theres a fairly new and controversial anti-ageing treatment which is said to aid people fight ageing by taking synthetic human growth hormone injections (Hgh) or them tablet form. Human growth hormone injection therapy is an anti-ageing treatment that’s known to be effective by boosting immunity, memory, heart function and muscle mass. Currently Hgh. is taken by people trying to regain some of their lost youthfulness. Men also take testosterone supplements (sometimes creams or patches) but many are turning to Human growth hormone injections at a cost of $10,000–$12,000 per year in a bid to keep feeling and looking youthful. Men and women all over the world have reported good results and vow they feel better than they have in years. However human growth hormone injections have been know to carry heavy side effects and professional advice should be sought before considering Hgh as an anti ageing treatment. SKIN REJUVENATING LASERS.. Laser treatments for skin rejuvenation works by resurfacing skins top layer which exposes a new skin layer beneath by using Co2 and heat waves. Laser treatment for skin rejuvenation still remains a fairly expensive procedure and it can take a course of treatments before the desired results are achieved. When undergoing Laser surgery, you’ll be administered topical anaesthetic, so you’ll remain awake throughout the procedure which doesn’t take very long. Recovery time is typically about two weeks, at which time your skin appears very sun burnt and flaky. Once those side effects have faded, the skin usually ends up looking radiant and healthy . Intense pulsed light (IPL.) Another skin rejuvenation procedure, similar to laser treatment is becoming popular within mens anti-ageing treatments. It is Intense pulsed light therapy. (IPL.) Intense pulse light has many attributes which include very effective permanent hair removal; acne healing and removal, blemish removal and skin rejuvenation. Intense pulse light therapy works by heating up skins lower layers by emitting a short burst, or wave of pulsed light (hence the name) The burst of light heats up and stimulates the regrowth of collagen cells. Procedures are becoming more popular and less expensive with more salons and skin specialists competing within the anti-ageing market. Intense pulse light procedures are only slightly painful and have minimal recovery time. You can even get a treatment on your lunch break and walk back into work glowing again! Nano Technology Nano technology is making an impact in the anti-age race as scientists create a new generation of cosmetics that are likely to lead the way forward in the anti-ageing industry. Millions of dollars are invested in genetic and pharmaceutical research and scientists agree that nano technology is going to be a leading contender within the anti ageing market. This Sci-Fi technology is predicted to cure baldness, hundreds of diseases and will also be applied to many common every day uses that will make lives easier. Cosmetic companies such as L’oreal are currently spending millions of dollars on a ‘nano research race’. Nano particles reach further into the skin due to their minuscule size. They work by repairing skin in a deeper level than standard anti ageing creams. Initially there was fear and concern when nano technology was introduced into the anti- ageing market, but the fear has now subsided due to research into its safety. Nano technology in the fight against ageing now seems likely to offer new and exciting products. ‘So what anti-ageing treatments can the average guy on the street buy to keep looking and feeling young?!’ ANTI-AGING SUPPLEMENTS Anti-ageing supplements (high end vitamins, antioxidants and injections) have been an important weapon in mens anti-ageing treatments throughout the last couple of decades. However, there are many anti-ageing supplements and vitamins that aren’t regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA.) This means some products don't go through rigorous safety and efficacy testing that most anti ageing supplements do. Its important to always read and check what you’re putting into your mouth, or injecting in your butt! FDA. approved anti-ageing supplements and vitamins that come with good reviews are the Xtend life range of high quality anti-ageing supplements, made in New Zealand. Xtend life also offer the highly prized Omega 3dha fish oil. Omega fish oil is known to be a powerful natural ingredient for maintaining physical and mental health and is being hailed for its positive effects in anti-ageing. Omega fish oil is also a powerful anti- inflammatory which can be used for pain relief. This product has shown positive results and many swear are helping them feel and look younger. Visit the supplements page for high quality anti-ageing supplements. Research indicates that only 30% of ageing and longevity is genetic. 70% is based on lifestyle, such as diet, amount of exercise, stress levels and taking smarter care of yourself SUCCESSFUL AGEING... THE POWER OF A HEALTHY DIET AND GOOD OLD REGULAR EXERCISE... Successful ageing can be achieved by eating well, exercising regularly and regulating your mental well being. Since humans stood on two legs, diet and exercise have been the main factors helping us feel and look youthful. A person who remains active and eats a balanced diet has a significantly better chance of looking and feeling younger as well as living longer. Foods are four times more processed than they used to be and the world is more polluted than ever before which produces excessive free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals within our bodies when we live unhealthy lives which make us age faster from the inside out. Modern life can be a two edged sword. Here we are in the new world with advanced anti- ageing treatments and products trying to restore our youth and vitality, but the environment can be detrimental and speed up the ageing process. This is why its more important than ever to choose good quality mens anti-ageing treatments. Foods Keeping us Youthful... Eating a variety of fresh fruit of vegetables helps fight against diseases, lethargy, depression and cancer, plus help us feel great because of the natural antioxidants and vitamins within them. Regular exercise will guarantee we stay alert, more resistant to disease and fatigue. Being healthy as we age will keep osteoporosis at bay as well as helping our minds stay sharp and youthful. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise increases bone density, which makes them less prone to breakage, which is a common problem in old age. Combine a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise, plus a regime of taking anti- ageing supplements and a range of modern anti ageing treatments and this will guarantee you slowing down the ageing process.

Anti ageing cosmetic surgery helps successful ageing at a high price
‘beauty for a price, my friend.’..
Successful ageing means slowing down our ageing process. Next Page HGH… good for some, but not for all..... Mens Products Mens anti ageing treatments slow our ageing process.
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